Cultural Family Things to Do in Spain

Travelling with baby twins is tricky. Quite a lot of places provide one highchair or one travel cot but not many have two. Our first flight as a family was to Spain. As with every other jaunt, culture was not far from our minds when we planned our trip. Sun and sand may be the first things you think when you think of Spanish holidays but there are lots of cultural family things to do in Spain.

Cultural family things to do in Spain

Spare a thought for the Cultural Wednesday teens, they have been dragged around Cultural venues since they were tiny tots.  Thankfully, in the main they seem to like the Culture.  Especially reclining on the bean bags in the Banqueting House gazing up at the ceiling. Over the years I have found that seeing things that tie in either with school projects or their own obsessions have gone down best of all.  

When we go away we always have half on eye on the cultural gems that tie in with the school curriculum that we might see. I’ve just written a post about cultural places to visit in Spain for BritMums. This post was part of a paid project and you can read the full post on the BritMums website. But here are the highlights of cultural places that either we have visited or would love to visit with our children.


Baelo Claudia

Key Stage 2 requires pupils to know about the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain.  Whilst I concede that Britain has many fine Roman remains, step forward Hadrian’s Wall, the ones easily accessible from our house tend to be roads and villas rather than large scale towns.  Our first large scale Roman site was Baelo Claudia in Andalucia.  It sits in its own bay and is huge, it takes very little imagination to populate the streets with toga wearing Romans: even better, bottles of the fish sauce made here have been found in Britian.


Cape Trafalgar lighthouse and beach

What could a lighthouse on almost the southern most tip of Spain have to do with Norfolk? Cape Trafalgar, for that is what the lighthouse marks, was the site of the naval battle where Norfolk’s foremost hero won a great victory but lost his life. Knowledge of your local history is a requirement of the curriculum, the teens have not grown up in Norfolk but I did! Cape Trafalgar also has fantastic beaches.


Casteller Human Tower

Once the teens got to secondary school they started studying Spanish.  In my day learning a foreign language was all about nouns and declining verbs, nowadays a decent splash of culture is added into the mix.  They come home telling me about all sorts of wonderful things.  It was through them that I first heard of Castellers or Human Towers that are so special that UNESCO lists them as an intangible Cultural Treasure.  I was lucky enough to see them in Catalonia and cannot wait to take them to see them too.

Have you discovered any cultural highlights in Spain with your family?

This post is part of a paid project with the Spanish Tourist Office, promoting family travel across the country.  All opinions are my own.

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