#AD Buying a Nearly New Car with Motorpoint

Cultural Wednesday needs to change cars. We kept Mr CW senior’s car with the intention of it being the car in which the Cultural Teens would learn how to drive. Turns out that insuring a 20 year old Ford Focus for two teenage learners costs more than the car is worth. Buying a nearly new car with a smaller engine will actually save us money. Imagine my delight when Motorpoint asked if I would like to test drive a car.

Motorpoint paid me to test drive a car and write about it.  The decision to buy the car was all our own.
Inside Motorpoint showroom with red, white and blue cars
Motorpoint Showroom

Why buy a nearly new car with Motorpoint?

We’ve embarked on replacing the Focus before but always walked away because of the hassle. We like cars but don’t know much about them, except that I like them in red.  I especially dislike haggling over price and not being sure whether any niggles have just been covered up. I’m happy to report you don’t get any of that with Motorpoint. The price you pay is the price that you see, there’s no haggling. You can be confident that you are not being ripped off because they offer the Motorpoint price promise and will refund the difference if you find a like car for less elsewhere. Motorpoint check prices of cars daily, so the price you see is unbeatable. 

Looking at Nearly New Cars at Motorpoint

Armed with our list of suitable models we went onto the Motorpoint website. All cars are nearly new – mostly under 4 years and 30,000 miles. Cars are listed by make and model. You select your chosen models and then arrange for a test drive. Or if you are uncertain exactly what you are looking for you can pop into your nearest store and talk through what will work for you. Every car listed by Motorpoint is checked by experts and still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which gives me the peace of mind that should anything go wrong we’re covered.

Blue Citroën C1 parked by red telephone box and village pump
Our test drive car … if only it matched the telephone box

What We Wanted in a Nearly New Car

First and foremost we needed a car to be in a low insurance group. It needed to be manual, compact and easy to drive for a learner. I wanted some bells and whistles too, most importantly of all connectivity with the phone making SatNav and downloads available in the car. We are an Android household, so that meant Android Auto but Apple CarPlay does the same thing for iPhones. Our current family car came with a reversing camera, about which I was scornful … how wrong I was. Now I want every car to have one. Ideally the car would be red. 

Exterior of Smarden Church Kent
Smarden Church … you didn’t think that culture wouldn’t sneak in somewhere?

Our Test Drive

For the purpose of this article, Motorpoint gave us a little longer than usual to test drive the car. Driving around in meaningless circles in an unfamiliar area is one of the things I dislike about test driving. We decided to head to Smarden because it is pretty and has an amazing medieval church. Motorpoint had connected our phone to the car via Android Auto so Google maps mirrored from our phone onto the display.

Interior of Citroën C1 showing map on screen display
Google maps mirrored from my phone via Android Auto

We loved the C1. It’s easy to drive and there is room for all four of us, even though both teens are over six foot and I’m not far behind. You wouldn’t want to drive to Scotland in it but it’s fine for short journeys. The only fly in the ointment was the colour. Not red. We decided to walk away but took one last look at the Motorpoint website in case a red car was available. To our delight there was one in Glasgow. Not to worry, for £99 the red C1 could be delivered to Maidstone, and if we didn’t like it then the £99 would be refunded. 

Interior of Smarden Church, Kent with wide wooden vaulted roof
Smarden Church inside … just look at that roof!

Peace of mind

Buying a car is expensive. You want to be sure that you’ve done the right thing. Not paid too much. Not bought a turkey. The Motorpoint Price Promise takes care of the not paying too much but what about the potential of a turkey? Once you’ve bought your car Motorpoint offer a 14 day money back guarantee. So you have two weeks of driving around to spot any niggles.

Trading your car in with Motorpoint

After buying a nearly new car, selling an unwanted car is one of my least favourite things. Motorpoint will take your car in part exchange. There is no walking round, sucking of teeth and sharp intakes of breath whilst your much loved car is valued. Instead you provide all its vital statistics, mileage, age, service record and the like. There is a panel by panel inventory of all those bumps and scratches that mysteriously appear on cars. Then a price is settled on. Again no haggling. Either you take the offer or walk away and sell somewhere else. 

Motorpoint showroom Maidstone with Red Mazda outside
Motorpoint Maidstone

What was different about Motorpoint

We started our Motorpoint experience online. We could see what cars were available. Go inside them virtually. Once in the showroom there was no hard sell. No telling me that cars like this are snapped up and in short supply. The staff were really helpful, setting up our phone in the car so that we could see how the SatNav and music would work. No eyes were rolled when I declared that it was perfect except for the colour. We were offered hot drinks. My car, my way. 

I test drove this car from Motorpoint and if you’re in the market for a car head over to their website or go into your local store and have a browse.

Motorpoint Maidstone

Motorpoint, Parkwood Industrial Estate, Bircholt Rd, Maidstone ME15 9XY

Cultural Wednesday needs to change cars, see how we got on buying a Nearly New Car with Motorpoint



  1. June 13, 2022 / 9:03 am

    Nice piece of advertising for Motorpoint, but they clearly selected a trusted source to give an honest and impartial opinion. I hope the new red C1 is just right for you?

  2. June 13, 2022 / 10:57 am

    I red your colourful article with interest ! 👍

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