How to buy Hamilton Tickets

Wow, you’ve got tickets for Hamilton, how you did you do that? Patience is needed but once you know how to buy Hamilton tickets it is very easy. Eight months after the teens declared that they would like Hamilton tickets for their birthday, we finally got to enjoy the show. Had money been no object we could have got tickets sooner.

Hamilton tickets


How hard it is to buy Hamilton tickets depends on many things:

  • How many people you want tickets for?
  • Do you all want to sit together?
  • Can you go anytime or can you only make Saturday afternoons?
  • How much money do you want to spend.

If you want four seats, all in a row on a Saturday afternoon and would rather spend under £100 a ticket then your task will be harder than if there are only two of you, fully flexible on time and have bottomless pockets. I was on the website the moment that the new tickets dropped, the earliest four tickets next to each other that didn’t require a new mortgage, on a Saturday matineee was six months ahead!If you are the latter head to the box office and enjoy the show tonight!

Cash constrained families will need to plan ahead. Tickets can be bought either via Ticketmaster or in person at the box office. To have the best choice of dates and prices be there, online, as soon as tickets are released. Follow @HamiltonWestEnd on either Twitter or Facebook for details when the next tranche of tickets becomes available. A new batch of premium tickets (£150 – £250) becomes available at 12 noon on Monday mornings for the week ahead.

Hamilton tickets cost from £20 to £250 each. Before you go online make sure that you have a credit or debit card handy. Make a note of the card that you use. I printed off my confirmation email and wrote the last four digits of the card at the top. This email is not your ticket, you will not be sent tickets.


You only get your ticket when you arrive at the Victoria Palace Theatre on the day of the performance.

What ever you do, DO NOT BUY TICKETS FROM ANY RESELLING SITES, you will not get in, you will not get a refund, you will have wasted your money.


When set off to the theatre check that you have the following:

  • Your confirmation email
  • Photo id – either a driving licence or a passport
  • The card that you used to pay for the tickets
  • All members of your party

When you have shown the email and your id, your card will be scanned and the tickets printed off. Now you have your tickets, that’s it you are in the theatre until the show is finished – make sure you eat before you go in.

Hamilton ticket dispenser
Your credit card is scanned and tickets printed by this machine


Don’t panic! You are not the first person this has happened to. My card had expired and a new one issued. Ring Ticketmaster Customer Services on 0333 321 9999, they will ask you some security questions and get the new card details put onto the booking. This cannot be done via email due to security issues.


You can see Hamilton for as little as £10. To do this you need to be fully flexible and lucky. Every afternoon at 4pm a lottery opens for the next days performance. The draw is made at 2pm on the day of the show. So if you are in London and happy to make other plans if you don’t get lucky, have a whirl. You can only apply for two tickets, so this option won’t work for families. To enter the Hamilton lottery either download the Hamilton Muiscal app or enter online. Good luck!


Do you have a special birthday coming up or simply like champagne? Then you can have a special Champagne package, booked via Delfont Mackintsoh Theatres. Prices start at £220 per person for a premium seat, half a bottle of Champagne per person and a programme. You also have the benefit of a specially designated seat, so you don’t have that internal scrum. If you’ve already bought your ticket and fancy upgrading £45 per person will get you bubbles.

Hamilton Champagne celebration


Giving actual tickets to somebody is impossible. All tickets need to be bought with a credit or debit card and the cardholder needs to be a member of the party. Giving theatre vouchers won’t work either as tickets do need to be paid for. The best way is to say, I would like to give you Hamilton Tickets, here is a cheque/folding money, please buy them.


Hamilton is about Alexander Hamilton one of the founding fathers of the United States of America. In telling his story we learn about the American War of Independence and the first years of the fledging nation. Hamilton is not like any other musical that I have ever seen it is a mash up of Hip Hop and Operetta. Think Jay Z meets Stephen Sondheim meets Gilbert and Sullivan and you have it. Lin-Manuel Miranda has created a new musical form and it is stunning.


Hamilton is showing at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London. Cameron Mackintosh has spent £50 million refurbishing the Victoria Palace. It has plentiful beautiful loos, spacious bars and air conditioning. So often London theatres are beautiful and historic but cramped with rubbish toilets, no so here!

Victoria Palace Theatre London


If you are in London to start with getting to the Victoria Palace Theatre is easy. It is just in front of Victoria train station and practically on top of the Victoria tube station. The Victoria, Circle and District lines all stop at Victoria. The main London coach station is also at Victoria and many London bus routes pass by the theatre.

How to Buy Hamilton Tickets

Have you been to see Hamilton? What was your favourite scene?

If you get to Victoria a little bit early how about popping into Westminster Cathedral just around the corner for some spectacular views.

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