Cultural Wednesday Wishes: What to see in London This Week

Welcome to this week’s Wednesday Wishes, for my pick of London’s Culture and a book to read on the way. 

Multi coloured rowing boats on lake with Compton Verney house behind Luke Jerram Crossings
Luke Jerram Crossings at Compton Verney

Palace of the Week

Buckingham Palace State Rooms have opened for the summer.  This year’s special display is Dorothy Wildings portraits of the Queen including the first official photo taken when as Queen and the images taken for stamps and banknotes.  Alongside each image is the jewellery which she wore.  It is amazing to see items so familiar twinkling right in front of you.

Flying Women of the Week

Biggin Hill airport was one of the first ever airfields opening in 1916. During World War II it played a key part in the Battle of Britain.  It is still a busy airfield for private jets. In one corner of the airport is a museum devoted to the early days of flying and the war years.  It wasn’t all men win those flying machines.  This week Women and War – Hidden heroes of WWII opens at the Biggin Hill Memorial Museum complete with an interactive operations table and a VR Spitfire flying experience.

Boats of the Week 

Yes I know this one of  last week’s wishes but I finally managed to visit yesterday and it it is amazing. Luke Jerram, he of the Museum of the Moon and GAIA suspended in amazing venues around the country has a new installation at Compton Verney.  Crossings involves stepping aboard a rowing boat and journeying out onto the lake at Compton Verney.  During your voyage the story of other people journey’s is played to you. 

Book of the Week

Small Angels by Lauren Owen is a ghost story.  Like all the best ghost stories it melds myth and legend with the telling of the tale.  Star of the show are Mockbeggar Woods, forbidden to locals, full of trees that seem to listen.  Chloe plans to get married in the long abandoned Small Angels church.  Each chapter reveals more of the unsettling secrets concealed in the woods and contained in the church.   Spine tingling stuff, best not read at bedtime or near woods.

Wednesday Wishes is taking a break during August and will back again in September.

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Where will you wander with Cultural Wednesday Wishes this week?


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