Reading, I love reading (and writing too, of course).  This morning I settled down with a cup of tea for a meander round some of my favourite blogs and was inspired by Tara over at After the Rain and her round up her best reads for 2016 (read it here!).  I’m less disciplined than Tara and could only narrow my list down to ten.  Also my skills with the photo montage software failed – so see above my top nine, scroll down for number one.  Without further ado here are my Top Ten Books 2016.

Drum roll …… and the book I have enjoyed most in 2016 is THE NOISE OF TIME by Julian Barnes.  Why did I love this book?  Julian Barnes tells the story of the composer Shostakovich not from a musical point of view but looking at his struggles with the power of the Soviet government.  As the year has progressed the struggles of a man against a charismatic but extreme ruler seemed to have gained extra resonance.  Also it has a brilliant cover.

Which titles would make it onto your TOP TEN BOOKS 2016?  And what are you looking forward to reading in 2017?  I’m reading The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry at the moment and enjoying very much.  Happy reading!

DISCLAIMER:  Some, but not all, of the books mentioned were sent to be by publishers in return for an honest review.



    • Catherine
      December 23, 2016 / 3:29 pm

      That sounds excellent, will keep an eye open

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