Street art: do you love it or hate it?  I love it and really enjoy spotting additions to urban street scene.  Nestling alongside the canals, we saw some great street art in Amsterdam this summer.

Amsterdam Yarnbombing

Yarnbombing is my favourite kind of street art.  I love the idea of the craft involved in making cosy jumpers for otherwise cold urban structures.  These circles are on a bridge by the Ij river in Amsterdam that we walked past every morning on our way out from our hotel.

Amsterdam Street Art

An artist by the name of The London Police created this huge mural covering the whole side of a house on the banks of the Prinsengracht.

Amsterdam Street Art

A little bit further along the Prinsengracht, we spotted this delicate little wire sculpture of a mermaid blowing bubbles attached to a lamp post.

Amsterdam Street Art

These two sweepers were keeping the wall tidy in the Jordaan area.

Maybe the sweepers could use water from this huge yellow tap that has been attached to a building nearby?

Amsterdam Street Art

I wonder if these letters make actual words in Dutch or are they just a pleasing arrangement of shapes?

Do you keep an eye out for street art when you are out and about?

We spotted quite a lot of this Street Art as we were on our Amsterdam Food Tour.   Coffee, culture and cake are what I look for on any outing so a pretty much perfect day out for me!  The Yarnbombing was at the foot of the building that is topped by the A’dam Lookout Swing, maybe looking down at it would have taken my mind of the fact that my babies were dangling hundreds of metres over the streets of Amsterdam!

My first ever sighting of yarnbombing was in Passau last year, as a keen knitter I admire the intricacy of the intarsia pattern.


Amsterdam Street Art

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