When in Rome …… well not Rome but a Royal carriage.  You obviously have to try out the Royal Wave.

Royal wave

The Royal Mews has always had horses and carriages to look at but this summer you can try out a semi-state Landau for size.  Stepping on board, yes I know its not a ship, is much like stepping into a small dinghy.  The world seems to wobble around you and you fear that you will fall.  Things get more stable when you sit down, but it myst be like sailing across a very choppy sea when you are actually moving.  I confess that waving felt a little silly maybe practice would make perfect?

What is a Landau and how does a semi-state one differ from a full state one?  Landau basically means convertible, just like a soft top Porsche but slower.  Semi-state Landaus do not have a coachman on board but are driven by a postillion who sits on the front left hand side horse of the team pulling the carriage.  Why Landau?  Well that is the name of the German city where they were first made.

Royal Wave

Or maybe I’m more cut out to drive the carriage?  Never fear the Royal Mews has an adult size Postillion outfit complete with proper riding hat.  Purists amongst you will be shouting at the picture saying that postillions don’t go in carriages, I know but I was having fun.  Child size costumes are available as well, why not visit with the family and try out a Royal Wave yourself.

You can read more about our visit to the Royal Mews by clicking here

Buckingham Palace
Open: Monday – Saturday 10am – 4pm 1 February – 31 March
Daily 10am – 5pm, 1 March – 31 October
Monday – Saturday 10am – 4pm, 1 November – 30 November
The Mews are closed on some days during State visits and royal events so check before you set off.

Admission: Adult £10, Family £25.80 concessions available.
Tickets convert to a 1 year pass, make sure you remember to get yours stamped as you leave.

You can buy combined tickets to visit the Buckingham Palace State Rooms and the Queen’s Gallery as well for details click here

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