One of my presents lurking under the Christmas tree was a new iPad.  In the process of setting it up all the pictures taken on the Junior CW’s iPods have appeared in my photo stream.  Most of these were new to me.  Seeing the world through your children’s eyes is quite a revelation.  These were taken in Elan valley when we were en route to Aberystwyth.  The Juniors are obviously very fond of a filter as none of their images survives in its original form.
Elan Valley
The Elan valley is home to six dams creating a series of reservoirs to provide water for Birmingham.  This one is Caban Coch the lowest of all of the dams.  Water rushes over the edge like a waterfall when the reservoir is full, it was  certainly very impressive.  The buildings that you can see over the wall house electricity generators and a series of valves and sluices that control the amount of water that flows downstream.
Elan Valley
As we continued on our way to the seaside we drove past some of the reservoirs.  It was an overcast but still day making for stunning reflections.  This one is my picture that I took when we finally found a suitable place to stop.  No filters for me, maybe I should play!

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