Gin is having a bit of a moment.  So where better to meet my best travelling buddy and her husband when the teens were away than the London Gin Club.  From the outside the London Gin Club looks much the same as any other London boozer.   Inside the Gin on offer is as far away from the Gordons and Schweppes beloved by my great aunts as you can imagine.  Oh and don’t think of putting a slice of lemon in your drink either.

It still looks pretty traditional inside too until you look behind the bar when instead of an array of different spirits it is all Gin, around 300 varieties.  I had no idea that there were so many different types.  Fear of not finding your way round the different varieties is made easy by the tasting menu.  For £25 you get four different gins to taste complete with a different garnish for each gin.

London Gin Club

You can forget the hi-ball glass that pubs have been serving G&T in forever as well.  Think of of giant red wine glass with an iceberg in it and that is what you get at the London Gin Club.  First of all you pour the gin in and sniff it, then sip it, then add a little tonic and sip again, then the garnish and sniff, then the rest of the tonic and then get on with drinking and chatting.  You get a new glass for each type of gin to ensure that the flavours of each one remain unsullied.

London Gin Club

Thankfully the London Gin Club does food too to ensure that you don’t roll home.  Simple food, pies and platters of meats and cheeses.  Perfect for nibbling on whilst you consider the finer points of the gin.  I confess that I was quite surprised at the difference between them all.  Best of all we had a great time.

London Gin Club Need to Know

  • The London Gin Club can be found just behind Tottenham Court Road tube station on the Oxford Street side at 22 Great Chapel Street.
  • Unlike traditional pubs it is a table service bar.
  • It can get very busy and so it is best to book a table by clicking here


Looking for ideas about how to build up your thirst for Gin during the day? How about visiting the Wallace Collection just down the road which I think is the best museum in the world. Or you spend the day discovering Queen Victoria’s London or simply sampling some the excellent museum tea rooms in London.

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