New Dawn

BritMums, a word that either has you saying “Yes” or “Who”.  For those of you who say Yes, you know that this weekend is one of the biggest for Bloggers in the UK.  For the rest, believe me,  BritMums gathers together Mummy Bloggers, Daddy Bloggers, Travel Bloggers, Craft Bloggers …..well bloggers of all spots really.   This weekend has seen the BritMums Live conference or #BML17 if you are on social media.  All manner of bloggerly things have happened.

One of those things was a tour of the Houses of Parliament.  If you think that a tour of Westminster is just for the privileged few, think again.  Every Saturday and weekdays during recesses you can pay to go on a tour of the seat of the UK Government.  This is a picture of the New Dawn sculpture that commemorates the Suffragettes struggle for Women to get the vote.  Which seemed especially appropriate for a group of women visiting the Palace of Westminster.

To read about our family visit to the Palace of Westminster click here


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