Regular readers will know that Museum Roulette is a game that the Cultural Wednesday family love to play (for a fuller description of the game click here) and the V&A is one of our favourite places to play it.  Imagine our excitement when Breadcrumbs got in contact with us and asked if we would like to try out a treasure hunt at the V&A. YES we cried and scurried off to South Kensington.

Treasure Hunt

Everything is electronic on this Treasure Hunt, you go to the website, click on the trail that you want, pay £3.99 and choose whether you want the clues to come via Facebook messenger of text message.  If you need help you can ask for a clue or even for the answer.  We were taken on a meandering tour of the museum far away from the crowded main galleries.

The clues directed us to many objects that I have never seen before.   As we puzzled over the clues, lots of other fabulous things caught our eye.  You will have to guess which ones were answers to clues and which were chance discoveries.

Treasure Hunt

This rather fine lady is part of a tapestry showing a boar and bear hunt that was made in the early fifteenth century.  I rather like the expression on her face.

Treasure Hunt

We took my mother with us, so the clues had to appeal to everyone from eighty to the teens.  Everyone of us stood for ages gawping at this tiny book.  It is Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook.  He carried it around with him and wrote those words!

Treasure Hunt

Luckily when we got to the furniture gallery we found this unusual chair to sit on.

Treasure Hunt

Sometimes it was the actual fabric of the museum that caused our jaws to drop.  This ceramic staircase was designed by Frank Moody and is simply a rather fantastic way for making your way from the ground to the first floors.

Our treasure hunt took us four hours in total but we did eat lunch and enjoy tea and cakes in the magnificent cafe, as well as being distracted by things not on the hunt.  We asked for a few clues and were only truly stumped by one question.  Best of all we strayed away from the crowds and saw some amazing things that we would have otherwise missed.


  • Victoria and Albert museum is free, for opening times click here
  • Breadcrumbs Treasure Hunt cost £3.99 to download click here.
  • South Kensington is the nearest tube, there is a tunnel from the station to museum meaning no roads to cross and shelter from the rain.

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