Can we fly the kite? Lack of wind made kite-flying look unlikely as we set off. Before we were even half way there, fat drops of rain began to fall.  Thankfully they had stopped by the time we arrived at Littlehampton West Beach.  The rain had obviously deterred most people as we were only the third car in the car park.  It wasn’t until we had to fight to open the door that we realised that it might not be raining but it was certainly very, very windy.

Kite flying

Perfect weather for kite-flying.  Well, actually a little too windy.  The kite was soon airborne but was difficult to control and crashed frequently.  The joy of having a twin is that whilst one of you flies the kite, there is always your brother to retrieve it and throw it back into the air when it crashes.

River Arun at Littlehampton

Wind and the threat of rain kept people away, even looking over the River Arun to the more popular East Beach only revealed a handful of people.

Hard to believe that this is a July day on the south coast during the school holidays.  Not one bucket and spade to be seen.  It did mean that we didn’t have to fight for a table at the excellent West Beach Cafe when it came to sitting down for Fish and Chips afterwards.

Have you been to the beach this week?  Was it windswept or sunny?  We sometimes manage a sunny, bucket and spade type day, like this one in Mundesley.


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