Where better to head off to with a new camera than photogenic Rome?  Turns out that having an unmissable photo opportunity every other step is not the best way to get to grips with anything more complicated than pointing and shooting.  Still my new camera and I managed to have some fine Roman photo adventures.

At home I had read the instructions and thought that I had a pretty good grasp of what all the symbols and letters meant.  When I got the camera out with intent and stared at the hieroglyphs, they meant nothing.  The one function, other than automatic, that I could fathom was panorama.  There are lots (hundreds) of good snaps on the chip but these are the ones that I feel I wouldn’t have taken without my new toy.  We started our exploration at the Colosseum.  I’ve visited the colosseums at El Dejm and Orange and so thought that I knew what I was in for.  Mistake: the Roman Colosseum is truly colossal.

Colesseum Rome

Next on our list was the Forum.  If I thought that the Colosseum was huge, then the Forum left me without a suitable word to describe its vastness.  Everywhere you looked was another ruin that bore the name of deeply familiar names.  Julius Ceasar, Augustus, Livia, Caligula, Hadrian, Constantine, the Vestal Virgins and many, many more were here.  What I needed here was a function that allowed me photograph a full circle, does such a thing exist?

Rome Forum

After the ancient Romans, it was time for the Roman Catholic church or more particularly St Peter’s Square.  We didn’t actually get to go inside the basilica as the queues were over four hours long.  You can’t pre-book and shuffling slowly forward for several hours is not my idea of fun.  Next time I will get up really, really early and beat the queue.  By this time the teens had heard the loud whirring of the panorama function and had an improvement to suggest.  One teen could stand at the left end of the sweep, Mr CW in the middle and teen two on the right hand side.  What teen one didn’t tell me was that he was going to scoot round the back and appear twice.

Roman photo adventures

As we left St Peter’s Square, I took this photo looking up at the stunning Bernini colonnades.  With more time and a better understanding of the camera I think that there are some even more stunning images to be taken of the outside of St Peter’s.

Bernini Colonnade St Peters

One final picture that I was pleased with was this view of Castel Sant’Angelo taken from across the Tiber.  I was lucky with the weather and the perfect stillness of the river for the reflection but I also like the framing of the bare branches of the plane trees.

Castel Sant Angelo Rome reflection

We are back home now and I have no excuses for not getting to grips with the full potential of the camera.  Does anybody know what C means?

If you’d like to read more about our Roman Adventures, we stayed at the foot of the Spanish Steps in the Landmark Trust Keats – Shelley House and Mr CW devised the perfect itinerary for first time visitors to Rome.

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