Doors, lots of doors.  That is to be expected in a palace that takes up acres of space.  Munich Residenz not only has lots of doors, it has an incredible variety of them.  So much so that, when I came back to look at my photos, at times I wondered if it were only doors that had caught my eye.

Munich Residenz: doors

Every time we return from a beach holiday we are faced with the problem of what to do with all the shells that we have collected on our travels.  The Bavarian royal family obviously faced the same problem.  They solved their shell dilemma by commissioning a shell grotto, every surface is encrusted with them including the door.


After the shells, the doors became more conventionally palace-like.  This particularly fine white and gold one fitted in perfectly with all the chandeliers.

Munich residenz

Little and large marquetry doors lead into a room with an incredibly fancy ceiling, I love the way that you can see another inlaid door at the far end of the room.  What the Junior CW’s wanted to do here was to take off their shoes and ‘skate’ across the floor.  Thankfully all feet remained shod and no gliding took place or else I might have felt compelled to join in.

Munich Residenz

You know how, when you have somebody coming to stay, suddenly your spare room looks a bit shabby and you feel moved to get busy with the paintbrush.  Well the same happens if you are King and the Emperor decides to visit.  The stone rooms inlaid with a dazzling selection of precious stones were completed for an imperial visit, the door frame here is just the beginning.

Munich Residenz

All those crowns and diamond necklaces need to be kept somewhere where better than in a walk in safe behind a very thick door this door.


Max-Joseph Platz, Munich

Admission: €7 adults, children free

Open: April-October 9am-6pm, November-March 10-5

Whilst we were in Munich we discovered that you can visit Munich Beer Gardens with Children, gazed open mouthed at the opulent Asamkirche and marvelled at motor cars at BMW World.

Suitcases and Sandcastles

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