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Silks rustle, diamonds flash and bosoms heave in THE SILVERED HEART. The action takes place just as the Roundheads are defeating the Cavaliers in the English Civil War. Lady Katherine Ferrers, our heroine, is deeply enmeshed with the Royalist cause. As a child she lived in Oxford whilst King Charles held court there and his Queen gave her the silvered heart of the title to bring her luck. Rather unfortunately she swiftly lost all of her family to illness and was married off for the convenience of her step family rather than her own interests.

So the scene is set for much heartache and romance. Somewhat confusingly Lady Katherine is almost always referred to by her maiden name and not Fanshawe, her married name. Much of their estates are forfeit for supporting the Royalist cause. Lady Katherine sees her own family house sold and has to make do with just her husband’s. Through all her tribulations she is loyally supported by her maid Rachel.

All the blurb on the back of the book makes much of the fact that this is a fictional telling of the ‘Wicked Lady’ so it’s not a spoiler to tell you that Lady Katherine turns to highway robbery to keep body and soul together. In the course of all this the previously super loyal Rachel changes her spots with little explanation. All in all the story rattles along at a fair pace. If you like your historical fiction at the bodice-ripping end of the spectrum, then THE SILVERED HEART might well be for you.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent a copy of THE SILVERED HEART by the publisher in return for an honest review.

THE SILVERED HEART by Katherine Clements
Published by Headline
Paperback £7.99, Kindle £3.99


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