BOOK REVIEW: THE PARROTS by Alexandra Shulman

The Parrots, Alexandra Shulman

Mayhem in Mayfair; if anybody can spin a good yarn about the life of everyday Mayfair then it is the editor of Vogue.  Alexandra Shulman has at the centre of her novel a successful married couple: he runs an art gallery and she dabbles in calligraphy.  They have a busy social life, she thinks that he is faithful and their son is at university about to fledge into the world.  What could be nicer?

Katherine, the calligrapher, notices that parrots have taken up residence in her back garden causing the native birds to squawk and protest.  A pair of Italian siblings and a Russian oligarch and his wife swoop into her own life and soon the avian disquiet is echoed in the human sphere.

The Parrots kept me eagerly turning the pages way past bedtime as I really, really wanted to know what happened.  The denouement is suitably dramatic and unexpected.  Every character is beautifully observed but at the end of the book I was left wondering why we had been introduced to some of them, as they seemed to have no impact on the outcome of the story.  That having been said, I did enjoy glimpsing into the lives of those so wealthy that they have to have floors strengthened just to support an extravagant dining table.  Even if you holiday in a rented cottage in the unchic end of Brittany, The Parrots would make a fine addition to your holiday reading list.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent a review copy of The Parrots by NetGalley in return for an honest review.

THE PARROTS by Alexandra Shulman

Published by Figtree.

Paperback £8.99, Kindle £3.99


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