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Nick and Maya fall in love at University and head off into the wide world together.  He sets up a successful production company and she becomes a high-flying lawyer specialising in divorce.  Both of them have highly lucrative careers and set about spending the proceeds on prime property, tasteful furniture, enviable cars and designer clothes.  Then they have twins and she becomes a stay-at-home Mother transferring her perfectionist lawyerish ways to bringing up the children.

Three years later she is still breastfeeding the twins and has a fit yoga-toned body but he has stopped seeing her.  Nick drives his fancy car to his plush office and spends many hours every day making award winning adverts.  He takes a long hard look at his life and decides that divorce is the only option.  Their oldest mutual friend is the City’s top divorce lawyer and one evening over dinner Nick outlines his plans and wonders aloud how much it will cost him.  Almost everything, comes back the answer, because Maya has given up her lucrative career and is now wholly dependent on Nick.  His only option is to pretend to be a nicer husband and persuade Maya to return to work.

The plan works, she ditches full time Motherhood and embraces full time lawyering.  Only somewhere along the line Nick realises that he loves his wife and children and quietly drops his divorce plans.  Unfortunately she finds out and everything begins to unravel.

A Better Man trips along nicely and would make a good beach or travelling read.  As a Mother of twins I find the instant assumption that having twins is a draining terrible experience to verge on the edge of cliché.  All children are hard work, no matter how many you pop out at once.  Maya has a full time Nanny, it’s her own perfectionist attitude that makes her own and Nick’s life so hard.  Once she returns to work, she feels guilty for abandoning the twins but no so guilty that when someone invites her to dinner one evening she only hesitates for a moment before ringing the long suffering Nanny to ask her to babysit.  Small irritating things but in general a good bounce along read.

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of “A Better Man” as part of the BritMums book club in return for an honest review.

A BETTER MAN  by Leah McClaren
Published by Corus Books.
Paperback £7.99, Kindle £3.00


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  1. November 9, 2015 / 9:50 pm

    I really want to read A Better Man after reading your review 🙂


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