10 Most Popular Posts of 2017

And Catherine’s Cultural Wednesday’s 10 most popular posts of 2017 are …… well two of the top three owe more to the younger teen than they do to me, not that that bothers me in the slightest (well maybe a little bit).

Museum Selfie at Pinakothek der Moderne

Museum Selfie

Oscar took this on his iPod that then uploaded it into my pictures library.  To begin with it confused me because I couldn’t remember taking it but thought that I must have done as I was the only one not in the photo.  It took ages to dawn on me that it was a reflection and perfect for #MuseumSelfie day!

Votive Candles at Notre Dame Paris

Votive candles

Another short photo driven post in the top two, maybe I should stop all the words and SEO optimisation!  This one was taken at Notre Dame in Paris which we visited as dusk fell making the glow from the candles seem even brighter than they do during the day.

Cross Country Skiing at Venabu by Oscar

Venabu Skiing Norway

This account of our cross country skiing holiday was written by Oscar way back in 2015 and was one of the first posts on Catherine’s Cultural Wednesdays.  Back then the teens used all their puff to keep up with the grown ups, now they leave us for dust!

London Christmas Shows 2017

Review A Christmas Carol

If you had asked which posts were my most popular in 2017 I would have hazarded a guess at this round up of Christmas Shows on offer in London.  In the past we have seen all the different versions of the Nutcracker and the Snowman, this year we ventured into Charles Dickens and saw Rhys Ifans as Scrooge in A Christmas Carol at the Old Vicand very good it was too.

42nd Street at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

42nd Street

Another trip to the theatre, we took advantage of the teens being away at Scout camp (the joy of identical twins is that they tend to both go on the same school/scout trips) to see 42nd Street at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.  I first saw the show over thirty years ago and it was every bit as toe-tappingly good as I remember it.

10 Free Things to in London with Teens

10 Free Things to do in London with Teens

We love exploring London as a family and are always happiest when our adventures are low cost.  One of the brilliant things about London is sheer volume of its free museums and galleries.  This is a selection of our family favourites.

Top Five London Bookshops

Top Five London Bookshops

Books and bookshops are among my most favourite things.  My friend Jen Gilroy, who lives in Canada, was unable to come to London to attend the awards ceremony for the Romanic Novelists’ Association (RNA) Joan Hesssyon Award for which her novel The Cottage at Firefly Lake was nominated.  She asked me to come up with my top five London bookshops to share with her readers.

Book Review: Crime in the Family by Sacha Batthyany

Sacha Batthyany

Of all the books I read and reviewed in 2017 A Crime in the Family by Sacha Batthyany was the most popular.  It was not the best seller or one of the most talked about books of the year, maybe that is why my review was so popular?  The book tells the tale of Sacha Batthyany’s family during the course of the Second World War, his family is an ancient Hungarian aristocratic one and his aunt was involved in the mass shooting of Jews after a dinner party at the tail end of the war.  This was a fascinating tale of family discovery.

Culture, Coffee and Cake

Coffee, Culture and cake

When visiting museums and art galleries, I like to take time to sit in a coffee shop: to be honest I am a fan of the coffee shop whatever I am doing.  Browsing through my phone photo gallery revealed a particularly rich seam of pictures of coffee cups.

Sussex Modernism at Two Temple Place

Sussex Modernism

Two Temple Place was built by William Waldorf Astor as an office and London pied à terre.  Now it is run by the Bulldog Trust who put on an art show derived from works from regional art gallery every Spring.  In 2017 the show was devoted to Sussex Modernism, the exhibitions are always excellent and free.

Well that’s it, my 10 Most Popular Posts 2017, were any of your favourites included?  Every year it is interesting to see what captured people’s imagination.  Given that two of the top three were written by my son, maybe I should hand the reins over to him!



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    A lovely collection of posts, you should be very pleased with yourself 🙂

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    Nice work

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